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Extension in agriculture is a term which has been undertaken from the Anglo-Saxon experience and is defined as a continuous process of relevant information distribution to a large number of farmers through specific methods called extension methods.

AGROinform is providing extension services in the majority of cases to informal groups of agricultural producers. The main types of informal groups for extension services are:

  • Study Circles for farmers and women (SC) and
  • Producers groups that apply Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

Study Circles (farmers and women)

The Study Circles (SC) is a small group of adult persons (usually 10-15) that in a certain period of time meet regularly and carry out activities related to information, knowledge and capacities transfer in accordance to the needs of the group members. These activities are performed according to the study plan, which is being developed and approved by all group members.

Provided services:

  • Developing study materials
  • Organizing study sessions
  • Conducting trainings moderated by national level experts
  • Organizing exchange of experiences to innovative agricultural producers
  • Organizing Forums of Business Women in the regions
  • Performing farm analysis for correct decision making process and efficient management of farms

Producers groups applying Good Agricultural Practices

Producers groups are groups that apply on their own fields innovations in agriculture and elements of good agricultural practices.

Provided services:

  • Organizing trainings about GAP elements
  • Organizing exchange of experiences in order to undertake elements of GAP from farmers with experience in this respect
  • Organizing demonstration plots for testing and applying innovative technologies
  • Providing individual assistance of the national level expert in applying innovations and GAP elements
  • Developing publications referring to the application of innovative technologies and GAP
  • Promoting the activities and results of the producers groups by organizing press tours
  • Performing farm analysis for correct decision making process and efficient management of farms.

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