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Name: Non-governmental organization "CUTEZATORUL", Falesti

Created: October 26, 1999


Contribute to the democratic development of the society, rise ecological education of the population, provide extension services to small agricultural producers and protect their rights, support in increasing the population level of participation in solving the society problems.


  • Provide assistance, consultancy and training to farmers, representatives of small business, support in launching and developing businesses, protect their economic rights
  • Establish cooperation and communication relations with local public administration, environment, scientific and education institutions, agricultural sector, national and international NGOs
  • Attract local and external sources in order to protect the rights of the population, including women, children, youth, old persons
  • Promote good agricultural practices, organic agriculture, prevention of soil degradation processes
  • Exploit the potential of cross boarder cooperation and European integration in order to solve the social economic problems from the region

Members: the organization unites 200 members

Contact information


50 Ştefan cel Mare str., 1st floor, of. 126

Tel.: (+373) 259 2 29 51

Fax: (+373) 259 2 25 20

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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