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1. Marketing cooperatives development

AGROinform supports all cooperatives but is prioritizing the following branches of strategic products: fruits and berries, vegetables, grapes, milk and meat collection and commercialization.

The assisted cooperatives should have the following characteristics:

  • Open for new members from the village/region
  • The members trust in the future cooperative and invest in it time, ideas and money
  • Have a special emphasis from the very beginning on high quality standards
  • Free access to information and information sharing as much as possible
  • Build up long term relations with clients and suppliers
  • A trademark is developed.

Provided services

Development of cooperative business:

  • Analysis of cooperative potential – is an activity that allows to identify the feasibility of the future cooperative and to identify the interest level of producers for cooperation;
  • The performed market studies for the cooperative products or services allow to analyze the requirements towards the product, the price trends as well as other issues related to access to markets;
  • The development of economic simulators serve as a training tool for the cooperative members related to: price set up within the cooperatives, cost coverage, determining the remuneration for the management team as well as the mechanism of profit distribution within the cooperative;
  • The development of business plans serves as an argue for initiating and monitoring the cooperative activities;
  • The legal registration of cooperatives include: statute development and approval as well as the foundation contract and the legal registration of the cooperative;
  • Sales facilitation is done through organizing subject-matter exchange of experiences, business trips, participation and/or visits to internal and external exhibitions;
  • Planning and accessing investments;
  • Financial and fiscal consultancy.

Institutional development:

Development of internal regulations related to:

  • Economic activity of the cooperative;
  • General Assembly and Board.

Subject-matter training:

  • „Cooperative development" for the cooperative members;
  • „Management of marketing cooperatives" for managers and board members;
  • Study tours.

2. Development of commodity associations

The professional commodity association is a non-governmental association, which is aiming to contribute to the creation of favorable conditions to set up and develop a sustainable and profitable business in the production and export sector.

Provided services

  • Performing case studies for identifying the producers constrains and problems within the value chain and for developing solutions and proposals related to producers groups;
  • Establishing and registering commodity associations;
  • Organizing round tables/public negotiations/promotion activities;
  • Conducting training in lobby issues and negotiation techniques for the associations boards.

3. Sales groups

The sales groups are groups of farmers with cooperation experience and are specialized on a product or group of similar agricultural products with the aim to commercialize or/and purchase inputs in common during the season.

Provided services

  • Performing micro market studies for the product in which the group is specialized
  • Organizing subject-matter exchanges of experience with similar sales groups, with successful farmers that apply new production technologies and commercialize agricultural products
  • Organizing subject-matter training. The training topics can refer to the following areas: increasing the products quality and their marketing, requirements towards the quality, standards, norms
  • Organizing business trips to processing industries, agricultural markets, meetings of business men
  • Organizing round tables with potential buyers
  • Organizing the participation and/or visits to internal and external exhibitions
  • Facilitating sales through:
  • identifying potential clients;
  • assisting contracts negotiations
  • providing support in preparing the necessary documents for performed transactions (certificates, invoices)
  • placing offers on AGRAVISTA.

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